We’ve seen it before.  We’ve heard it before.  You go to the gym.  You eat well.  But you just cannot get rid of the bra bulge, or the muffin top, or the fat deposit on your thighs.  It’s so frustrating to work so hard and yet have trouble spots that are impossible to get rid of! We have the answer for you.  It’s called SculpSure.


SculpSure is a new procedure that targets those little pockets of fat and destroys them through light based technology. Your treatment lasts only 25 minutes per area.  There is no surgery, no downtime, no anesthesia, no pain. Each treatment permanently gets rid of the fat in a given area.  It’s a great way to contour and sculpt the body without damaging any of the skin’s surface!


Over the next 6-12 weeks, you’ll notice a slimmer, more contoured area of treatment.  During this time, the fat cells are naturally absorbed and expelled from the body.  Unlike other non-invasive treatments, SculpSure can be used on the arms, legs, abdomen, back, thighs & hips.  Our consultation process will give you a clear idea as to what to expect from the procedure and from the results.  Most of our patients either rest or work during the process.

Be sure to watch out for our commercial on SculpSure starting in October! We look forward to seeing you in our practice to try out this great procedure!