As a Coloradan, you’re likely to look after yourself and your well-being. Physical health is a top priority in our beautiful state. As important as it is to pay attention to what we put into our bodies, it’s just as vital as what we apply to our bodies.  Do you understand the ingredients on the back of your skincare products? Probably not! Most likely, there are ingredients you’ve never heard of, and can’t even pronounce. One such additive widely used in skincare products is paraben.

Parabens are a class of chemicals that are used by cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies as a preservative for their products.  They are quite controversial because of the large number of side effects reported.  Parabens have been found in breast cancer tumors and can even mimic estrogen.  Some studies show that this estrogen indicator can lead to early puberty in girls.  Additionally, parabens can cause allergic reactions on skin, ranging from rashes to rosacea.

It is because of these studies and negative consumer reports that more and more companies are choosing to market paraben free products.  Parabens are a common ingredient in sunscreens and other topical products.  As a company focusing on skin care and preventative aging, we focus on avoiding products with such damaging additives.  We really love Obagi and Revision skincare products, of which many are paraben-free!  It’s important to understand your products and choose them wisely, based on how they affect your health!

“SkinSAFE has reviewed the ingredients of Obagi Sun Shield Tint Broad Spectrum SPF 50, 3 oz and found it to be FREE of Top Common Allergy Causing Preservatives, Fragrance, Paraben, Lanolin, Topical Antibiotic, MCI/MI, Nickel, Gluten, Soy, and Lipsafe.

Whatever sunscreen or skincare product you choose to use, consider choosing one that is paraben-free.  With more and more paraben-free products available, more companies are willing to eliminate the ingredient.  Choose the products that are good for you, and others will follow!