Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 6.55.47 PMCoolsculpting is the newest way to really get rid of fat.  It reduces fat on the stomach, inner & outer thighs, the flanks the back & now the neck with the CoolMini. The procedure works by literally freezing the fat in the desired area. The science was discovered when children lost fat in their cheeks from sucking on popsicles.  Now, we can offer a quick, non-invasive option for sculpting your body!

Studies show that Coolsculpting works just as well as liposuction! Liposuction is an invasive procedure, done under anesthetic & requires a significant amount of recovery.  If you could get similar results, wouldn’t you want to do it with zero downtime & no anesthetic?

“With careful treatment planning, proper applicator placement, and multiple treatment cycles, cryolipolysis can produce results comparable to those of liposuction.”

It is important to choose a provider who really knows how Coolsculpting works. It takes a practice that can fully customize a treatment plan and know how to execute it properly.

The suction is placed on the appropriate area and the machine is turned on. As it begins, the targeted spot is sucked into the applicator and held for one hour for freezing. Afterwards, the fat cells in the cooled area are destroyed and finally disposed of by the liver. Expect the final results to take about two to four months.

So when you weigh the options, Coolsculpting seems like a great alternative to a surgical procedure like liposuction. Hang out, take a nap, or even work during your procedure! It’s kind of a no-brainer!