Carbon Dioxide.  CO2.  Laser.  Years ago, this treatment took months to heal.  Patients often had to be sedated with intravenous drugs. The downtime was awful! The pain was great.


With new technology, our CO2 Fractional Resurfacing Laser is one of the best on the market!  This skin resurfacing treatment takes off the damaged outer layers of skin to reveal the smooth, soft, younger-looking skin left behind. Our laser is designed to drastically improve skin texture, pigmentation, wrinkles, laxity, sun damage & scars.

This laser works using DOT technology.  DOT, Dermal Optical Thermolysis, works by creating thousands of columns of vaporized tissue.  However, it leaves untouched tissue amongst the damaged tissue, which leaves you with less downtime & improved results. As the skin works to heal itself, new collagen is formed. This leaves you with tighter, younger looking skin! You must actually damage the skin to get this reaction.  The skin wants to heal itself, so it swiftly creates collagen for repair.

You should expect about 5-7 days of downtime.  You’ll experience some crusting & redness that will gradually subside.  We can actually adjust the settings of your treatment to be either more aggressive or more conservative, depending on your needs. A deeper treatment might extend the length of your downtime, but you will have better and longer lasting results!

We will sit down with you to discuss your main concerns.  Listening to your goals, understanding your downtime commitment & a thorough skin analysis will help us determine exactly how to treat you.