We are in love!  No, really, we are! That’s because we’ve discovered Nectifirm, which is the #1 selling neck product on the market today! And, it’s not just us… we literally cannot keep it on the shelves! Our patients think we’ve found the foundation of youth for the oft-forgotten neck.

A unique blend of plant extracts, antioxidants and biotechnological compounds work together to create a smoother, younger-looking neck. Nectifirm contains ingredients like Bamboo, English Pea Extract, and Glucosamine, which have been shown to hydrate and tone the skin. It will make your neck appear more lifted & firm! It also reduces the appearance of rough, crepey skin and eases fine lines and wrinkles.

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Truth be told, many of us forget to treat our necks.  We are so aware of caring for our faces, but truly, your neck shows your real age! It is vitally important to remember your neck and treat it with care.  The skin is different and actually ages differently than the skin on your face.  That’s why we think Nectifirm is so fantastic. It’s formulated specifically for the neck, and it works with all skin types.

Just the very nature of our busy lives can contribute to a quickly aging neck. It’s called Tech Neck. Constantly looking down at your phone or computer can make nasty lines settle right where you don’t want them!

“In today’s hyperconnected world, where the average person stares at a mobile device for nearly three hours a day, there’s a new wrinkle: Looking down at your phone or iPad may be contributing to more lines and skin laxity, what some doctors have dubbed ‘tech neck.’ To tighten slack neck skin, ‘look for products containing peptides,’ suggests dermatologist Rachel Nazarian. 

The take-away here is to remember your neck and take care of it! Using your face product for your neck won’t give you ideal results. Nectifirm is our fountain of youth and we think you’ll love it too!