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Turkey Neck.  Waddle.  Double Chin.  There are lots of terms for that unsightly bulge of fat on your neck.  The worst part, is that diet and exercise won’t fix it! What do you do?  Well, we have the answer!

Kybella is an FDA-approved injectable for treating moderate to severe upper neck fat! A series of injections actually destroys the fat cells with a naturally occurring molecule. This non-surgical treatment is an amazing option for people who just don’t want to go under the knife. Following the injection, patients typically experience some swelling, pain and possible bruising.  It should resolve within a couple of days.

This permanent solution to a double chin defines the neck, melts fat & can even tighten up the treated area.  Depending on the consultation, patients will need anywhere between 1 and 4 treatments to finalize the desired result.

Both men and women can suffer from extra neck fat, so this treatment is ideal for a wide range of people. Talk to us and find out if Kybella is right for you!

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