Synergy’s top 6 picks for Spring Break

1. Glo Minerals Liquid Lips Gloss in Romance- This is our fav for spring and summer months. Throw it in your bag and put it on your lips to brighten any complexion. Brings out eyes and gives you a youthful, flawless look.

2. Gleam by Glo Minerals- Have an instant glow with Gleam! Put Gleam on top of blush or wear it alone. Gleam adds a soft shimmer giving you that spring, fresh, barely wearing make-up look. No matter how dull you feel, gleam with make you look fresh and gently sun-kissed.

3. IS Clinical Extreme Protect SPF 30- This is our favorite all in one Sunscreen. With Antioxidants and moisturizer, this sunscreen can cut out all the steps in the morning so you can cleanse, protect and go. Too much sun is OUT and protected skin is IN!

4. IS Clinical Active Serum- Break outs, uneven complexion?! This is the secret, guys. Active serum is being used by all of Hollywood’s A listers. Active serum has Glycolic, Salicylic, Lactic and Kojic Acid. Brighten, tightens, fights lines AND acne. A little goes a long way and packs a punch!

5. Latisse– Who wants to worry about smeared mascara while you’re out and about in the spring and summer months?! Prescription required Latisse grows your own eyelashes thicker and darker. Who needs Mascara? Get Latisse and wear your own sexy lashes.