You have heard about Coolsculpting by now! It’s a wonderful way to contour the body by melting the fat in those hard to get places.  No matter how hard you might exercise or how strict you might be with your diet, there are bound to be trouble spots you can’t shrink.


We are able to freeze your fat on the abdomen, inner & outer thighs, love handles, back, neck (coolmini) and bra bulges. It’s not just you that struggles with spot treating these areas! Celebrities are usually on the cusp of new treatments, and Coolsculpting is no different!

Coolsculpting’s brand ambassador is Molly Simms, a former model. She discovered this transformative treatment after having a baby. All the diet and exercise wouldn’t touch her abdomen. Once she found Coolsculpting, she felt like she was back to her pre-baby body in no time. Taking care of herself made her feel more prepared to take care of her baby & toddler.  And with no downtime, she was able to jump right back into motherhood!


Ali Landry, actress & model, also found Coolsculpting after becoming a new mom.  She too, couldn’t lose the extra fat in her abdomen.  She found how easy the treatment was, even reading and snacking during her freezing session!

Lindsay Lohan is another celebrity who found the benefits of Coolsculpting. She found it hard to keep up at the gym, so she paired it with her workout efforts to achieve the kind of body she desired. It is also rumored that Christina Aguilera, Gretchen Rossi and other Real Housewives have turned to this breakthrough procedure to freeze their fat and sculpt their bodies.

Whether you follow celebrity trends or not, Coolsculpting is certainly proven to get rid of excess fat.  If you’re struggling with these issues, this treatment could be your answer! And, at our office, we have Dualsculpting! That means we have two machines, so you can treat both sides at once!