Coolsculpting has launched an amazing new applicator called the CoolAdvantage Petite. It is specifically designed to address the fat in the upper arms, which can be nearly impossible to get rid of through diet and exercise alone. The CoolAdvantage technology is the only non-invasive fat removal technology cleared by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to address the upper arm.

The upper arm is the 3rd greatest area of concern for consumers today. We’ve been able to address large areas like the abdomen and legs with previous Coolsculpting applicators, but the CoolAdvantage Petite specifically addresses the delicate and unique contour of the upper arm. The applicator was perfected over a five year period in order to treat the specific shape of the upper arm.

CoolSculpting works by cooling targeted fat cells to induce a natural, controlled elimination of fat without affecting the surrounding tissue. Once treated, those fat cells are gone for good! Like other Coolsculpting treatments, the results will start to become visible after about 4-6 weeks, with full results seen up to 4 months. This technology is such a great option for people because it’s non-surgical and non-invasive. No scars, no downtime, no hospitals!

We are so proud to offer this amazing technology to our patients. We treat fat in the abdomen, legs, back and neck with Coolsculpting… and now the arms! So say goodbye to those batwings, flappy arms and hanging arm fat! The CoolAdvantage Petite is here to stay and we’re here to help you get arms that are tank-top ready!