We have the event of the season, and you’ll want to be there! On Friday, August 17th, from 4-7pm, we’re hosting YOU with

Burritos, Botox, and Beat the Bulge!

Come enjoy our food truck while you get to take advantage of some amazing specials! On August 17th only, buy as much Botox as you want to “bank” for future use. You have to buy at least 20 units, but who wouldn’t want to get Botox at this price? It’s our lowest price ever and you won’t see this again anytime soon!

Botox can be used for so many things. Of course, it treats wrinkles and fine lines. We can inject your forehead, crow’s feet and the frown lines between your brows. We can also treat the little lines on either side of your nose, called “bunny lines”. Outside of wrinkle treatment, we can help you with excessive sweating and a gummy smile! We’ll guide you so that you get the best results.

We’re going to be offering some outstanding Coolsculpting package specials as well. Whether you want to treat your neck or your abdomen, we’re offering something you’ll be dying to take advantage of!

CoolSculpting is so versatile! We can treat tiny spaces like under the chin (Cool Mini) to large areas like the thighs. Other areas we can treat include flanks, bra bulge, the abdomen, and arms. This unique treatment targets those stubborn areas that diet and exercise don’t affect. We are able to spot-treat so that your problem areas literally disappear. We can even contour your abdomen to make it look like you have a 6 pack! The best news? Those fat cells are gone forever!

Finally, we’ll be revealing some surprise specials on the day of the event! You have to be there to find out just what we have up our sleeves. Believe us, you won’t be sorry. So come over and enjoy our food truck while getting the best deals around!