Summer can wreak havoc on your skin! Now is the time to erase those dark spots, fine lines & improve the texture of your skin! How? With a CO2 laser!

Gone are the days of having to undergo a fully ablative laser to get outstanding results. Gone are the days of sitting at home for months while you recover. Our CO2 laser boasts state-of-the-art technology that gives you the results without the lengthy downtime.

Our DEKA Smartxide DOT Laser is the gold standard in non-invasive lasers today.  It will tackle all of your skin concerns including spots, wrinkles, & even scarring!  It works by creating thousands of very tiny columns of vaporized tissue surrounded by untreated skin. This process actually causes your body to generate new collagen & elastin in order to heal the affected areas. In turn, you’ll notice a tightening of the skin which gives it a more youthful appearance and texture.  Because so much of the skin is left untreated, you will only have 5-10 days of downtime, instead of months!


This amazing laser will improve the areas that you need to focus on the most! We can reverse the aging process by treating the eyelids, around the mouth, the neck, the décolletage & even the backs of your hands. In order to give you the best possible result, we can fully customize the depth of treatment.  Keep in mind that a deeper laser treatment will correlate to a longer recovery time.

We recommend using a regimen of Obagi products in the weeks prior to your treatment.  The hydroquinone & retinol will prep the skin for a better overall laser result. Continuing with these medical-grade products after the treatment will ensure long term results. Depending on the amount of correction you need, a series of treatments might be necessary to get full results.  The improvements in your skin will become apparent in weeks and will last for years! So are you ready?  It’s time to put your skin damage in the rear-view mirror!