We bet you’re hearing all kinds of things about CBD oils. We have recently started carrying a line of products, so that you can experience some of the life-changing benefits of hemp-based cannabidiol (CBD).

There are many proven benefits of CBD oil. It is one of the most important healing substances in the hemp plant with a strong anti-inflammatory effect without a psychotropic (narcotic) effect. So, you get many health benefits, but none of the heady effects that the THC in marijuana leaves behind.

CBD oil is 100% legal in all 50 states.  It is not connected to the laws backing medical marijuana in our state. It is completely safe for the whole family — including children!

There are so many ways this natural product can help you! CBD’s relieve pain & inflammation, reduce anxiety, & relieve nausea. In addition, cannabidiol may help fight cancer and reduce the side effects of parkinson’s, epilepsy and arthritis.

All our hemp oil products are made with non-GMO hemp grown free of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides and put through a Triple Lab Tested™ process to ensure reliability and protect the end user from contamination.

Take a look at all the products we’re offering!

  1. Kannaway’s Pure CBD line – The pure line contains our pure cannabidiol blend for completely THC-free daily use CBD products. Designed for customers looking to avoid even trace amounts of THC in their hemp oil products, Pure CBD Capsules provide a refined CBD-only supplement. The Kannaway Pure CBD line is the CBD supplement of choice among those subject to drug tests, like competing athletes, members of the military, and first responders, due to its zero-THC content. In fact, Kannaway Pure CBD Liquid is able to pass the tight THC testing restrictions set forth by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) for competitive athletes. Our THC-free capsules make including a CBD supplement to your diet a snap. Just add one to your daily vitamin regimen in the morning or before bed to add 25 mg of CBD to your day.
  2. Kannaway Salve – Whether you live an active lifestyle or just need a very moisturizing skin emollient that can give the appearance of healthy and youthful looking skin at the same time, Kannaway Salve is exactly what you need! It contains a unique bi-bong™ herbal formulation that works synergistically with Sustainable Hemp Oil for ultimate results. This revolutionary combination of Sustainable Hemp Oil and our proprietary East Asian botanicals brings rich, nourishing moisture to all skin types.
  3. Premium Full Spectrum Oral Applicator–  Kannaway Premium Hemp Oil is a full-spectrum cannabinoid blend, extracted from the harvested hemp plant and packaged pure with no other ingredients or additives. A combination of raw and decarboxylated hemp oils, Kannaway Premium Hemp Oil is an excellent source of CBD and CBDa, as well as essential vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and other trace cannabinoids. Each 15 gram tube contains a month’s supply of Premium Hemp Oil, with a total of 1500 mg of CBD. Usage: Turn dial on oral applicator approx. one half turn to dispense 0.5 grams of oil. Dispense oil onto finger or butter knife or place under the tongue. Hold in mouth 60-90 seconds before swallowing. Larger or smaller servings may be taken as desired. However, if you prefer we’ve provided complimentary vegan capsules.
  4. Premium Full Spectrum Caps–  Providing all the same benefits as the pure Premium Hemp Oil in our oral applicators, Kannaway Premium Hemp Oil capsules are made with a full-spectrum cannabinoid blend. Our Premium Hemp Oil Capsules make adding a cannabinoid supplement to your routine simple. Just add one hemp oil capsule in with your daily vitamins in the morning or before bed. With 25 mg of CBD and a balanced ratio of CBDa and other trace cannabinoids, our hemp oil capsules are a daily use source of a full-spectrum of cannabinoids, plus vitamins, minerals, and omega fatty acids. Additionally, Kannaway Premium Hemp Oil Capsules are formulated with 200 mg of calcium and our proprietary blend of turmeric root and white willow bark.
  5. Rev!ve AM – Awaken the power within. Passed down for centuries, Rev!ve’s highly precise traditional Bĭbong® herbal blend was formulated to enliven, invigorate, and stimulate your entire system giving you increased clarity, focus and energy to get you through your day. When your system kicks into gear, everything works at its optimum, leading to a healthier, more positive daily life.
  6. Rev!ve PM 500 mg – Rest is your body’s natural way to restore itself and recharge. Without proper rest, we become fatigued, mentally unclear, and this ultimately leads to an unhealthy state of being. When our bodies get the adequate amount of rest, we are more alert, aware, and are less prone to imbalances. This proprietary blend of Bĭbong® herbs and Hemp CBD Oil has a transformative power that manifests in an open mind for a peaceful rest. You’ll begin to feel better, refreshed and stronger, in other words, you will feel rested.