Wrinkles are no fun!  We all get wrinkles as we age.  However, there are multiple things we can do to combat those pesky little lines on a daily basis.  Whether you want to do something simple that’s a part of your daily routine or something more aggressive, we have some answers for you!


1.  The first wrinkle eraser to talk about is Botox and Dysport.  We all know that they are great wrinkle fighters.  Whether you target your forehead, crow’s feet or glabella, botulinum toxin is a great answer to easing the lines.  Do it every three months and not only will it combat your current wrinkles, but it will also serve as a proactive solution for future wrinkles.

2.  Fillers can also plump up lines, wrinkles, & the loss of volume we get as we age.  A filler like Juvederm, can be injected into deep lines and fill in that crevice in order to smooth the overall appearance of the skin.

3.  Retin A is perhaps the best daily regimen for great skin care.  When used regularly, Retin A products like Obagi, can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

4.  Never forget your sunscreen.  Bake in the sun, and you’re sure to get wrinkles and brown spots.  What many people don’t realize, is that just driving in the car without sunscreen is detrimental for skin health.  Wake up, wash your face, and ALWAYS apply sunscreen.  Everyday.

5.  Stop the sugar.  A diet high in sugar is not good for your skin.  It can cause faster deterioration than if you shy away from the sweet stuff.  Studies also show that sugar can actually increase the damage done by exposure to the sun.

Here’s the takeaway:  You can do little things everyday for the health of your skin that add up over time.  Every now and then, visit your doctor for minor touch ups like Botox or filler.  A healthy life is reflected on your skin!